Philodendron Splendid Care Guide

Philodendron Splendid Care Guide

The Philodendron Splendid plant is a hybrid of Philodendron Verrucosum and Philodendron Melanochrysum. Its leaves are heart-shaped, and they have red backs. It grows lower on the ground, and it is a climber.

What makes this plant special? The Splendid plant is unique because it can detoxify the air around it.

Philodendron SplendidCare Guide Overview


  • Scientific name: Philodendron sp. ‘Verrucosum x Melanochrysum.’
  • Common Names: Philodendron Splendid
  • Origin: Philodendron originates from West Indies and equatorial South America. Gerog Macgraff was the first person to record Philodendron in 1644. Charles Plumier later classified the plant into an independent genus.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Plant: The Splendid grows well indoors. Such is because it requires moderate lighting and sunlight. You should avoid contact with winter mist to ensure the leaves remain beautiful. The plant can also grow on tree trunks where there is enough shade.
  • Height and Structure: The heart-shaped leaves of Philodendron Splendid make it unique. Its leaves grow to 1 foot wide. They can also be 2 feet long. Philodendron Splendid plant can give you a good touch of nature in your house too. Such is because its leaves are dark green and have a velvety touch. The leaves also have light-cream veins, while the back of the leaves is deep maroon. The veins of the back leaves are yellow. The petioles that the leaves hold on are green. Some branches can sprout from the Philodendron Splendid’s main stem.
  • Temperature: It grows well in a room that is warm because it is a tropical plant. The temperature should be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of Phil can fall prey to extreme cold. The leaves get affected, and they fall off during cold seasons such as winter. Therefore, you should place it indoors when it is cold outside to maintain its beauty.

How To Plant the Philodendron Splendid


During the summer season, this plant needs to have medium lighting. It would be best if you placed it at the place where it faces the intense morning light. Ensure that the daylight does not hit it too.


Philodendron Splendid requires light potting soil. Such is because it is an epiphyte plant. So, you should use vermiculite together with ordinary potting soil. The combination improves the drainage of the soil.

How To Grow the Philodendron Splendid


Ensure that you are watering the plant once or twice a week. Also, ensure that the water in the soil is 1 inch below before watering the plant again. Your home environment also determines how often you can water your Philodendron plant. You can use your finger to determine the moisture of the soil.


Philodendron Splendid requires you to fertilize it every month. Espoma Indoor Plant Food is an example of the fertilizer you can use. It appears in liquid form, and it is rich in micronutrients and nitrogen substances.


Good humidity is essential to all plants that grow indoors. It also helps in maintaining the beauty of the leaves. Tips to help you ensure that you provide enough humidity to your Philodendron Splendid include:

  • Keep the plant together with others. – This allows the plant to absorb moisture from them as they go through transpiration.
  • Placing a container of water close to the plant
  • Use a plant humidifier when the season is not favorable for natural humidity
  • Put your plant in a place that has pebbles with water-filled halfway

Pot and Repotting

It would be best if you chose a pot that is bigger than the Philodendron’s root ball. Doing this allows your plant to grow in the right place. Also, there will be no soil waterlogged when the pot is bigger. Choosing the right size of the pot will allow water to drain well, thus, protecting the roots from rotting. Ensure that your pot sits on a saucer too so that it can trap excess water from the pot.

You should consider repotting your Philodendron Splendid every year. Doing this will allow the plant to get new and nutritious soil to steer its growth. Repot the plant into a bigger pot to create more room for the roots to grow. The indicators that your plant needs repotting include:

  • Insignificant growth
  • Seeing roots outside the pot’s holes
  • Need for regular watering
  • White salt deposits on the soil surface


Stem cutting is the best method for Philodendron Splendid propagation. Below are the steps for stem propagation:

  • Place seed starting mix in a container. Make a hole in the soil where you will place the stem cut
  • Cut a stem near the node of a leaf using a sterilized cutter
  • Pluck the leaves from the stem leaving a few on top
  • Apply rooting hormone on the cut and put it into the prepared seed starting mix
  • Use the humidity chamber that has adequate lighting to allow the cut stem to sprout
  • Ensure that you mist the plant daily for two weeks

Pests and Diseases

Mealybugs and Aphids usually attack Philodendron Splendid. Aphids leave yellow specks on the leaves. You can use insecticidal soap to get rid of the aphids. Mealybugs cause the leaves and the stem to have white substances. You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove the white substances whenever necessary. Fungal spores also infest on Philodendron Splendid. The infestation makes the roots rot while the leaves become spotty.

Plant Species

The Philodendron Splendid is a hybrid between Verrucosum and Melanochrysum Philodendron, which grow indoors. Philodendron Verrucusum requires a lighting shade as well as moderate temperature. Philodendron Meranochrysum also grows well in an environment with the same conditions.


Philodendron Splendid does not need heavy soil to grow. Therefore, it can grow on rainforest trees without much need for nutrients and fertilization. That is why you can find this type of epiphyte sprouting on the canopy of a tree.


Philodendron plant contains poisonous substances. This means that if your cat or dog ingests it, they can get ill. Therefore, you should seek help from Pet Poison Helpline in case your pet consumes the plant. You can also have irritated skin because of the plant’s sap. Thus, ensure that you wear groves when repotting.

Philodendron Splendid is a plant species that can offer you a serene environment. Such is because it purifies the air around it. It also creates a beautiful place because of its velvety smooth leaves. The leaves grow wide and longer with time.

The plant is also a climber, so it can be fascinating for people who like climber plants. Ensure that you keep the plant away from your pets to avoid poisoning. Repotting and provision of adequate humidity can also keep your plant healthy.

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